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Rules and policies of the Ohio Junior Golf Association / Lake Erie Junior Golf Association
1.      USGA rules will govern play.
2.      No wireless communication devices (i.e. cell phones, walkie talkies, etc.) are not permitted to be with the player on the course during a tournament!
3.      Measuring devices are permitted.
4.      Out of Bounds: Defined by white stakes.
5.      Water Hazards: Defined by yellow stakes.
6.      Lateral Water Hazards: Defined by red stakes.
7.      If  hazards are not marked play two balls, be sure to tell the committee.
8.      Ground Under Repair: a) areas defined by white lines, and b) French drains.
9.      Embedded Ball: Anywhere "through the green." A ball, which is embedded in its own pitch  mark in ground other than sand may be lifted without penalty, cleaned and dropped as near as possible to the spot where it lay but not nearer the hole. "Through the green" is the whole area of the course except: a) teeing ground and putting green of the hole being played, and b) all hazards on the course.
10. Practice at Putting Green of Hole Played: A player during a round shall not play and practice stroke on or near the putting green of any hole they have played in the round. Pace of Play: A player shall be subject to penalty if he unduly delays play.
11. Caddies are permitted for all divisions EXCEPT BOYS 17-19.
12. Out of consideration for both yourself and others, refrain from smoking at all times during any LEJGA event. Refer to our player' code of conduct.
13. Arrive at tournament locations early. Check in with starter 30 minutes before tee off. The LEJGA will follow USGA Rules for tardiness.  USGA Rule 6-3, The player shall start at the time laid down. PENALTY FOR BREACH OF RULE: Disqualification. The Tournament Director may provide (rule 33-1), that if the player arrives at his starting point ready to play, within 5 minutes after his starting time, (rule 33-7) the penalty for failure to start on time is loss of two strokes at the first hole, instead of disqualification. This penalty shall not be waived or modified. However, a player may still play, but only as a marker! If your tee time is 9:00 am and you arrive at 9:00:01 you are late and could be disqualified!
14. Conduct yourselves at all times like true sportsmen, and do not engage in un-sportsman like conduct. Acts of un-sportsman like conduct include, but are not limited to the following examples: Throwing clubs, swearing, damaging-greens, failing to replace divots on fairways, tees or greens, failing to rake traps, and discarding trash on grounds. Refer to our player' code of conduct.
15. Dress Code: Men; Collared or Mock shirts, buttoned and tucked in. Mock shirt must have no logo or a golf logo.  Appropriate length neat shorts or neat casual pants all pants hemmed.
Ladies; Sleeveless shirts must have a collar, sleeved shirt may be collarless.  Shirts tucked in. Neat shorts to mid thigh in length or neat casual pants.
All participants; no denim or blue jeans. All hats must be on forward. Soft spike shoes only. Violation of this rule may result in a two stroke penalty.
16. Parents and friends:
Parents or friends must register with each course if they plan on following tournament play.
                                 I.            Parents may forecaddie and spot balls.
                               II.            However no conversation is permitted!
                             III.            The use of cell phones is allowed but in a professional manner. 
                             IV.            Parents must NOT become involved in the tournament.
                               V.            It is up to the players to determine if there is a rules question or violation. Parents do not get involved!
                             VI.            If parents feel there is a serious violation they MUST contact a tournament official (NOT the players) before the end of the respective hole where the problem occurred.
                           VII.            Parents must remain 15 yards from tees and greens;20yards in front (parents may forecaddie) or back of players.
                         VIII.            Parents that violate this rule may cause the disqualification of their child!
17. Score keeping each player has a duty to keep an accurate count of the strokes taken by the competitor for which he is scoring.
18. A round not completed during an event, for any reason other than illness, will make a player ineligible for year-end awards.
19. Tournament directors may combine age groups depending on number of entries.
20. Tournament directors will select the method of any playoffs.
21. Once tournament entries or registration is processed NO refunds will be given.
22. Participants must call or e-mail the Executive Director (and get a confirmation, voice mail does not count) 48 hours before the tournament's first tee time to be excused from the tournament with out penalty.  Any participant calling within 48 hours or not showing up MUST have a valid written excuse from an emergency type agency or be penalized.
23. The penalty for no shows is: No show rule.
24.     First No Show: The player will not be allowed to play in his or hers next scheduled tournament.
o        If the player calls the course, speaks the tournament director within one hour of their scheduled tee time with an apology; they will be allowed to play in their next tournament. Inccurring a $20.00 fine!
25.     If no-show more than one time, no Tour Challenge, no Invitational and $25 fine to play in future events and if no-show for last event of the year must pay $50 fine to play the following year.
26.     Exceptions - illness, with doctors note, and other extenuating circumstances
27. There shall be NO refund of fees for these or any tournaments. Any player considered a no show for three tournaments shall not be allowed to participate in the Invitational. These players are considered “DNS”.
Any player that withdraws during a tournament for anything other than a medical emergency (at the discretion of the tournament director) shall be considered "WD"
Any WD or DNS player shall not be considered for any "Player of the Year" or division title winner, at the completion of the tour season without the consent of the Tournament Director.
28. Players must confirm their position on the alternate list before each tournament via the internet.
29. Transfers A player may transfer out of a tournament one week prior to the tournament dates into a new tournament, providing the new tournament is not full or closed.
30. Points are determined by:
1 point for playing
1 point for every player in your division you beat
50% bonus for winning
31. Player of the Year award
32. Scholarships. Scholarship applications are due July 15th
33.     Divisional players of the year are determined by total points earned.
34.     Tour Challenge, Invitational, and Parent Child are NOT considered scheduled tournaments and will not count towards minimum tournaments played, or points.
  1. Post season awards and scholarships; players will be permitted to win only one award or scholarship. Player's that qualify for more than one will only receive one, the second place winner will awarded the second award. All scholarship recipients must meet all High School Academic standards for athletics and maintain a 2.0 GPA.
36.     Any player that participates in at least 30% of the scheduled tournaments and outright wins an LEJGA regular stroke play event will automatically be invited to the Invitational. In the event of ties only the trophy winner will receive and invitation.
37.     First place ties: First place tie playoffs will be for trophy only.

38.     Scorecards: Scorecards will be held for one week following tournament, no changes or corrections will be made to posted scores after one week.