Lake Erie Junior Golf AssociationLake Erie Junior Golf Association


There shall be NO REFUNDS:

Unless a tournament is rained out, not rescheduled, participant has a valid excuse for not attending the new day and notifies the Tournament Director within two days of the new day being posted, or a participant is not called to play from the Alternate List.

Alternate and Exemption list:
Players shall be pulled from the Alternate list at the discretion of the Tournament Director as positions become available. Each tournament director may keep an Exemption list; players may be pulled from this list and added to their tournament prior to players on the alternate list. The exempted players MUST however be current members of the LEJGA in order to play, and must follow all rules of the LEJGA.  The alternate list will be controlled by the Tournament Director with the cooperation and advice of the Tournament host. The Exemption List will be solely controlled by the Tournament Director.

Alternate list:

Participants must watch their player profile to see if they are taken off the alternate list thus added to a tournament. If a participant is not removed from the alternate list for a particular tournament, they WILL receive a refund (in mid August). Participants may transfer off of the alternate list (must follow transfer rules). However if a participant is removed from the alternate list (thus entered into a particular tournament) and cannot play there shall be no refund. DNS rules also apply.

REMEMBER THERE IS NO REFUND FOR WITHDRAWING FROM AN ENTERED TOURNAMENT. If for any  reason beyond our control a tournament date is changed there shall be NO refund unless the date is changed within 30 days of the tournament. If a tournament is canceled or changed within 30 days a refund will be available.


Rain Out Policy

The Tournament Director will be the judge in the event of severe weather or unplayable course conditions as to the cancellation or postponement of tournament play.
If tournament can be rescheduled all information will be posted on the web site. All efforts will be made to schedule the same starting times, all normal LEJGA rules will apply.
In order for points to awarded and scores to be posted an individual age division in it's entirety must complete the entire tournament.  If play cannot continue nine hole scores will be doubled.
If there is a tie for first place and conditions does not permit a playoff no one will receive a winner's trophy.
Participants that cannot play because of the new date for the tournament will be entitled to a full refund (less credit card fees, if paid by credit card. Which is about $1.50 per tournament) of his or her entry fee by sending a stamped, self-addressed envelope to LEJGA, 2406 New State Rd. Norwalk, Ohio 44857. However all other normal cancellation rules apply. You must tell us if your original payment was via credit card or check, if you do not indicate how payment was made, the refund will be the lesser amount of the two. All refund requests must be received more than one week before the new scheduled date, unless the new date is within one week of the original. If the rain out tournament is the last tournament of the year or canceled then the refund request must be received by August 10th.