Lake Erie Junior Golf AssociationLake Erie Junior Golf Association

Player(s) of the Year;
Rules of Eligibility
1.      To participate in the LEJGA, players must not have reached their 20th birthday by the LEJGA Invitational in July.
2.      For the Player of the Year (male and female), must play in a minimum of  six (6) regular tournaments. Parent child, Joe Haase Cup and the LEJGA Invite do not qualify as regular tournaments.
3.      Points are determined by:
1 point for playing
1 point for every player in your division you beat. (ties are counted as equal)
50% bonus for winning
4.      Player of the Year recipients must attend the dinner and play in the Invitational, in July unless excused by the Tournament Director.
5.      Player must adhere to Player’s Code of Conduct as listed on the LEJGA website which includes, but is not limited to, unsportsmanlike conduct, including abusive language, club throwing, disrespect to volunteers, officials or fellow competitors, or abuse of golf course property.  Players may not use drugs or alcohol, smoking or chewing tobacco products on the course grounds or during play.  Players must adhere to the dress code for tournament play.
6.      There is no scholarship or funds of any kind linked to the Player of the Year award, but recipients will qualify for other scholarships.