Lake Erie Junior Golf AssociationLake Erie Junior Golf Association

Although the LEJGA does not wish to apply penalties for undue delay, a group of  players should take no more than the allotted time per round (normally 4 1/2 hours) as determined by the Tournament Director. It is imperative players recognize their position on the golf course.

Pace of Play Process
A group or individual player will be subject to penalty when the group is out of position with the group in front of them (except for the first group of the day).

Pace of Play Guide lines
USGA Pace of Play and Check point policy click here in pdf format

Factors in Determining Time Per Round
Listed are some factors the LEJGA takes into consideration to create the fairest possible time:
  1. Difficulty of course
  2. Length of Course
  3. Walks between holes
  4. Conditions of competition
  5. Pace of play history for course
Out of Position
A group or individual is considered out of position when they are a hole an a half behind the group in front.
Otherwise, “out of position” is defined as:
  • Not having completed the hole being played by the time the preceding group has completed the play of their hole.
  • Completion of the hole is defined as the flagstick being replaced in the hole after all players in the group have holed out.
  • A player has 45 seconds to play a shot when it is his turn to play without distraction.
A group or individual will be warned twice of a violation and any subsequent violations: a one-stroke penalty will be assessed to each player in the group/or the individual player in question and added to the hole where the infraction incurred. Penalties will be confirmed with the group by the local rules official or Tournament Director and verified in the scoring area. It is the responsibility of the player to know if he or she has received a penalty. Players signing an improper score card will be disqualified.
Rescinding of Penalty
A group or individual may have a penalty rescinded if, at the discretion of the Tournament Director AND by being in position next hole.

The LEJGA  reserves the right to adjust the Pace of Play Policy for all events